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History of Jessore District

Posted on 06 April 2011 by Najmul

Jessore was the first district of Bangladesh to be liberated from occupying Pakistani forces on 04 December 1971. Jessore district belongs to the ancient Samatat Janapada. During the partition of India in 1947 Jessore was also partially divided. The entire district, except for Boangaon and Gaighata thanas, was included into East Pakistan.

The Bengali soldiers posted at Jessore cantonment mutinied against the Pakistan Army on 29 March 1971. They were led by Capt Hafiz Uddin and Lt Anwar in an uprising in which about 300 soldiers were killed. The rebels killed 50 Pakistani soldiers by machine gun fire at Chanchara.
Places to see

At abhaynagar thana, there is a small village dhulgram. here once a magnificent temple complex was. 17 temples were there. now only one is standing. beautiful terracota design can be seen all over the temple. its very holy place. u can see the remains of some temple still now. most of the temples in the complex was submerged in the Bhairab river which flows by complex. u can go there by bus. from jessore we can go to abhaynagar by bus. from abhaynagar u can take van or we can use local human hauler to reach dhulgram.
At bhatnagar in abhaynagar upazilla there is an ruins of 11 temple complex. here are 11 temples. all are dedicated to lord Shiv. the central temple is half broken. one should take a look at this place to feel the majesty of glorious past of bengal
Near jessore town, there is suburb, Chanchra. here was once chanchra rajbari. it is completely ruined now. but one can see the Shiv temple, which is almost restored; the ruined Dosh Mahabidya temple, which is only piece in Bangladesh and jora shiv temple at murali in almost ruined condition

There is a ancient pond dug by Khan Jahan Ali near Murali mor. That is a Picnic spot now.

Sagardari: The Birth place of the epic poet Michale Modhusudan Dutt

Population 2,440,693; male 51.22%, female 48.78%; Muslim 85.5%; Hindu 14.21% and others 0.29%.[citation needed] Average literacy 33.4%; male 41% and female 25.1%.

The main occupations are agriculture 39.84%, agricultural labourer 24.13%, wage labourer 2.68%, commerce 11.99%, service 8.66%, industry 1.41%, transport 3.11% and others 8.18%.

The main crops :
paddy, jute, sugarcane, tuberose, vegetables. Main fruits are date, jackfruit, papaya, banana, litchi and coconut. Main exports are cotton, jute, leather, jackfruit, banana, comb and date molasses, and vegetables.

Jessore District has an area of 2578.20 km². It is bounded by Jhenaidaha and Magura districts on the north, Satkhira and Khulna districts on the south, Narail and Khulna districts on the east, West Bengal of India on the west. Noted rivers are Bhairab and Kapotakhho.

Annual average temperature range from 41°C to 09°C. Annual rain fall is 1537 mm.

Jessore (Town) which stands on the Bhairab, consists of 9 wards and 73 mahalls. Jessore municipality was established in 1864. The area of the town is 25.72 km². The town has a population of 1,178,273; male 52.97%, female 47.03%. Literacy rate among the town people is 56.57%. The town has one dakbungalow.

The Jessore district administrative framework was established in 1781. It consists of 4 municipalities, 36 wards, 8 upazilas, 92 unions, 1329 mouzas, 1434 villages and 120 mahallas. The upazilas are Abhaynagar, Bagharpara, Chaugachha, Jhikargachha, Keshabpur, Jessore Sadar, Manirampur and Sharsha.

Jessore has good communication links with nearby districts. It has highways for transportation to both Bangladesh and India. Jessore is a junction on the broad gauge based network of the Western Bangladesh Railway. The network has links extended into Indian territory. Service linking the capital Dhaka and the Indian city Kolkata is to start April 2008, with Jessore falling about halfway down the route.

The Jessore airport, located outside Jessore city, is an airbase for the Bangladesh Air Force. Alongside military service, its runways cater to the national carrier Biman and other commercial airlines like GMG, Best Air, Royal Bengal Airlines for domestic flights.

°Jessore University of Science and Technology (JUST)
* B. A. F. Shaheen College, Jessore
* Govt. Michael Madhusudan College (MM College)
* Govt. City College
* Jessore Cantonment College
* Jessore Women’s College
* Jessore Zilla School
* Sammilani Institute (One of the oldest School, Age: 100++)
* Jessore Govt. Girls’ High School
* Bagherpara Degree College
* Khajura M.N.Mitra High School
* Shahid Sherajuddin Hossain Degree College

Jessore Institute Public Library (1851), Dihi Union Public Library (1977)

Freedom Fighters: A.N Ahammad Ali (Deputy Commissioner),Shahid Mosarref Hossain LLB, Ali Hossain Moni, Rabiul Alam, Gazi Abdul Hai, Sheikh Abdus Salam, S. Monwarul Wadud, Razek Ahmed, Shahid Mahfuzur Rahman, Shahid Omar Faruk, Ashok Kumar Roy, Moshiur Rahman, Saleha Begum, Caklader Nazrul Islam Mantoo,A Z M Feroz, Shah Rafiq Uzzaman, Rashiduzzaman Rashid, Adv. Arun Kanti Vattachyria, Mohd. Rafiqul Islam, Mohammed Ali, Mohammed Ali Swpan, A K M Khairat Hossain, Mohammed Hasan Ali, Mohammed Abdul Alim, Mohammed Abdul Malek, Mozaffor Hossain, Abdul Gaffer, Mokbul Hossain, Adv. Kazi Abdus Shahid Lal, Prof. Aminul Islam, A H M Mazharul Islam Mantu,Mahmud-ul Haq.

Poets and Literature: Michael Modhusudhan Dutta, Faruk Ahmed, Gulam Mustafa, Muhammad Moniruzzaman, Nihar Ranjan Gupta, Kazi Kader Nowaz, Hosenuddin Hosen, Rezauddin Stalin, Fuad Rahman,Anita Shawkat,Sultana Shawkat

Cultural Figures: Ustad Ravi Shankar (sitar), Uday Shankar (dance), S M Sultan (painter), Suchanda, Babita, Champa, Minu Rahman, Syandhya Roy, Moniruzzaman Shipu (animation), Maruf Raihan (Poet and Editor), Pronab Ghosh,Saiful Hamid(Babu),Sabera Siddika, Bidita Shawkat.jamaluddin babu,musa zongi(cricketor)

Journalists: Shishir Kumar Ghose, Jadunath Majumder, Sirajuddin Hossain, Golam Majed, Mahmud-ul Haq, Abdus Salam, Nurul Alam, Saiful Alam Mukul,Shamsur Rahman Kebol,

Politicians: Jadunath Majumder, Syed Nowser Ali, Advocate Syed Ator Ali (Mokter), Sohrab Hossain, Abdul Haque, Amal Sen, Alamgeer Siddiqui, Advocate Syed Akhtar Ali, Toriqul Islam, Khaledur Rahman Tito Advocate Rawshan Ali, Nazimuddin Al Azad(Member of Centrel Peace Commity 1971), Mufti Wakkas]], AHSK Sadeque, Ali Reza Razu.

Scientists: Radhagobinda Chandra, Dr. M. Shamsher Ali, Didar Islam Educationist: Prof. Syed Ali Ahshan, Prof. Zillur Rahman Siddique, Prof. Md Sharif Hossain, Prof. Shamser Ali, Prof. Kamruzzaman,

Social Activist : Angela Gomes, Prof. Sharif Hossain, Prof. Mashiul Azam, Azadul Kabir Arzoo, Prof. Amirul Alam Khan,Rtn. pp Aashik, National Heroes: Bir Shreshto Hamidur Rahman, Bir Shresho Noor Mohammad

VIPs: A.N Ahammad Ali (Deputy Commissioner,B.Baria),Mr. Anisur rahman( Director and founder of “Rights jessore”) , Mr.Akiz mia(one of the richest person in Bangladesh), Md. Raquibul islam, Md. Mobinul islam, Architect Rasib Rayan Rossy, Dr Shaila Sharmin Tithi, Bakaddas Sikder(Famous Businessman),

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